Aliança is one of the 20 best wine companies in the world you can count on year in and year out, according to the Wine Spectator evaluation The selection had as base the notes of 12.000 wine tastings, corresponding to 170 wines and 12 grapes, done by specialists from the north american magazine in the last 12 months. This selection placed Aliança in the group of the 20 worldwide companies with the more consistent price/quality relation, Wine Spectator used the Quality, Diversity, Cost and Availability criteria. The high level of demand from these criteria, expresses itself by considering the producers that should have at least 4.000 bottles of three different kinds of wines available, at prices lower than $20. The elected companies offer exceptional value as well as flavours and styles from the best wine regions in the World. In the group of the elected, dominated by the new world countries, there are only 4 more european companies: Georges Duboeuf (France), Citra, Alois Lageder and Mezzacorona (Italy). Aliança is the only company from the Iberian Peninsula.