Porto Rocha

“Portuguese houses consistently dominate the tastings of fine tawnies on which they built their reputations.” James Suckling, European Bureau Chief, Wine Spectator

This exceptionally fine quality, small producer joined to the Sogevinus Group, which ranks fourth among the five largest Port Houses.

The hand stenciled Rocha Port bottles express the traditional quality and nostalgic appeal long associated with the enjoyment of the finest ports.

In 1850 António da Rocha Leão established his own Portuguese House among the famous British Port Wine Lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia across the Douro River from Oporto. He picked a fortunate time to start his own House with many fine vintages declared during the 1850’s, especially the ”Great Exhibition” vintage of 1851. Porto Rocha was well-established and survived the phyloxera epidemic that wiped out many small shippers in the late 1870’s. For over 150 years Rocha continues as a high quality boutique port producer, now under the management of the Sogevinus port group. Today it maintains its own special character and independent cellar reserves alongside such other Sogevinus firms as Calem, Burmester, Barros and C. N. Kopke, the oldest Port House (1638).

WINEWORTH, as an importer, offers a complete range of Colheitas (single year tawnies), for which it dominates USA sales, ranking first with 41% of imports from Portugal. Wineworth maintains a large inventory of Colheitas dating back as far as the exciting 1900, blended in Three Centuries of Porto Rocha, and the exceptionally aromatic 1937 Colheita, which is also blended in The Glorious 50th Anniversary tawny. Lighter than vintage ports and with broader food affinities, we highly recommend tawny ports year ’round as an aperitif, with desserts and even entree pairings. The tawnies keep well for long periods after opening, making them ideal for restaurants or leisurely home consumption. WINEWORTH also carries outstanding white ports, fine ruby ports and vintage ports such as the much acclaimed 1985, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2007.

TAWNY PORTS – Aged in small casks until they are mature, tawny ports are a golden color with layers of aromas and flavors. The domination of ruby Vintage Ports in past years is now challenged by the advantages of tawnies, especially for restaurants and retail consumers. Where vintage ports have immediate air shock upon opening the bottle in which they aged and have a shelf life of only a few hours to a week; tawny ports have had air working on them through the cask during all the years of aging, giving them a shelf life of a month or longer. Lighter and drier than vintage ports, the tawnies are immediately understandable and enjoyable to the novice and an ongoing pleasure to the experienced port drinker.

The only Unique Tawny Blends Certified By The Port Wine Institute

Three Centuries of Porto Rocha™ – Recognized throughout the USA as one of the finest rare tawny blends ever produced, it is packaged in a distinctive sail-shaped 500ml bottle in a varnished oak box. Blended from 1900 and 1975 Colheita (vintage tawnies) plus the 20 Year Old Porto Rocha , it provides an exotic range of ports over three centuries at an affordable price. 93 points For the Love of Port.com.

The Glorious 50th anniversary port ™ – An answer to the question of where to find a reliable and affordable fantastic vintage for celebrating 50 years. A rare blend of old tawnies from 1937, 1957, 30 and 10 Year Old approximating 50 years of age. Available in 375ml and 750ml in individual wood boxes. 93 points For the Love of Port.com.

VINTAGE/RUBY PORTS – Vintage or “bottle-aged” ports must be approved by the Port Wine Institute to declare a vintage of recognized quality. Then, the entire vintage must be bottled between the second and third year. Since it improves in the bottle, it maintains its red color and red fruit flavors. It often takes 10 or more years to smooth the tannins and develop its full potential, although, today, many consumers forego the subtleties of ageing to enjoy the port’s youthful robustness in its younger years.

Rocha’s unique quality of Vintage Ports derives from very low yield Touriga Nacional grapes of over 100-yr-old vines and 50% of other varietals averaging 80 years.