Porto Kopke Tasting Notes

In 1638 the German diplomat Cristiano Kopke founded the Douro wine shipping company that became universally recognized as the first Port house in Port wine history. In 2013 Porto Kopke celebrated 375 years of continuous production of fine porto with grapes from its famous Quinta São Luiz with its many gold-medal winning vintages. However, it wasn’t until 1675 that a shipment frostencil-new.jpgm the Douro to Holland was first called “Porto” and in 1678 that the Oporto customs office registered its first shipment of Porto to England.

The hand stenciled Kopke Port bottles express the traditional quality and nostalgic appeal long associated with the enjoyment of the finest ports.

White, Rosé,  Tawny & Ruby Port

Porto Kopke Dry White Port – Rivals the best Fino Sherry as an aperitif or even dry dessert port but with long shelf life. Drinks like a spicy wine with rich, nutty character. Also wonderful as “Portonic”, poured over the rocks with a splash of tonic and squeeze of lime.

Porto Kopke Lágrima White Port – So loved by the Portuguese as to be called “The Tears of Christ”, this wonderful, medium-sweet style has just begun to make an impact on the American palate. One taste and you’re hooked on its sweet citrus and lemon verbena finish balance by good acidity like an expensive sauternes. Oak-aged for 5 years, the wine is produced from a variety of white grapes, including Malvasia Fina. Serve slightly chilled as an aperitif with hot-spicy starters or with fruit salads and desserts.

Porto Kopke 10 Year Old White Port – Cool, light-amber color, this unique white “tawny” port derives from the traditional white grapes of the Porto e Douro region, including Arinto, Viosinho, Gouveio and Malvasia Fina. Starting with aromas of a Pear Clafouti and burnt sugar, this elegant port delivers luscious flavors of Japanese pear-apple, with accents of hazelnut, nutmeg and orange zest. The lingering grapefruit finish provides the perfect balance for the sweetness. Kopke provides an expression of an older Port, belying its 10 years of age, showcasing some white peach and over-ripe pear flavors.”Roy Hersh, FortheLoveofPort


Porto Kopke Rosé Port – Full of dimension, this smooth-drinking Rosé has a light garnet color, with an aromatic nose of fragrant old roses and white peaches. The soft palate has voluptuous notes of tangy strawberries and pomegranate rounded by sweet cherries, followed by a long, haunting berry finish. “Off-dry and far less overtly sweet than other Rosé Ports, it is one of the best I’ve tried. It was refreshing, even after open for several days. Better when served chilled and would be exemplary in a Port cocktail. Very light-bodied and an impressive showing; duly noted for the lack of any spirit and a truly “clean” edge on the palate, with a good dose of acidity to keep it fresh.” Roy Hersh, FortheLoveofPort

Porto Kopke Fine Tawny Port – A true tawny, aged in casks to achieve a balance of still vibrant red fruit flavors enhanced by mellow dried fruits and nuts from ageing. The secret to the richness of this fine tawny port is 4 to 5 years ageing in small casks.

Porto Kopke Fine Ruby Port – Bright plum and cherry fruit in a fresh, young ruby Port, a real crowd pleaser. Gold Medal, International Wine Competition, Ottawa, October 2003

Porto Kopke Special Reserve (Vintage Character) - Kopke Special Reserve derives from a superlative blend of fine vintages that recall the best attributes of each of these years.  At least five years ageing softens and rounds the Kopke Special Reserve into the smooth, easy drinking, vintage-style port that makes it so accessible and popular.

Porto Kopke 2007/2009 Late Bottle Vintage – Well balanced and smooth single vintage with 4-6 years cask ageing, but still showing bright fruit. 1992 LBV was a Silver Medal winner at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.


Kopke is a leader of the market of Colheita wines, in volume, having exceeded 25% of the Global Share in this type of quality. Wineworth ranks #1 with more than 40% of all USA Colheita Imports from Portugal!  Port wine, matured in wood. Kopke commands the leading tawny Port market position in the Netherlands and other countries. Aged in wood casks until they are completely mature, Tawny ports are a golden color with multi-dimensional layers of aromas and flavors.The domination of Vintage Ports in past years is now challenged by the advantages of the tawnies, especially vintage colheita tawnies for restaurants and retail consumers. Where vintage ports have immediate air shock upon opening the bottle wherein they were aged and have a shelf life of only a few hours to a week; tawny ports have had air working on them through the cask during all the years of aging, giving them a open-life of a month or longer. Lighter and more delicate than vintage ports, the tawnies are immediately understandable and enjoyable to the novice port drinker and an ongoing pleasure to the experienced.



Porto Kopke 10 Year Old Tawny – So well developed that it has the quality of most 20 Year Olds. With five more years of development than most 10 year olds, Kopke would qualify as a 15 Year old if it existed. Honey colored, with deep ambrosial flavors and mouth-filling richness. “ Fine nose of toasted almonds with butterscotch & honey. Smooth, unctuous and very tasty…I liked this Kopke for the textural pleasure and pure nutty flavor that led to the persistent aftertaste.” 91 pts. Roy Hersh, FortheLoveofPort

Porto Kopke 20 Year Old Tawny – Elegant, rich and nutty with flavors that go on forever. A creamy smooth blend of 15 to 35 year old tawnies showing deep caramel and dried fig flavor and well-developed color. “Kopke draws on good stocks of (its own) aged tawnies. This wine certainly tastes all of 20 years, with its richness and dryness finely in balance, and with lemon jelly and intense ripe fruits shining through.” 92 pts. Wine Enthusiast .

Porto Kopke 30 Year Old Tawny – Perhaps the finest 30 year old we ever tasted — layers of caramel, penuche and butterscotch– an extremely refined blend. “Soft,rich but not unctuous. Lovely balance of dried apricots & nutty complexity. Good poise with an attractive nose, great age and perfect balance.” Decanter, only 5-Star 30 Year Old.

Porto Kopke 40 Year Old Tawny – Youthful vigor over-laying complex, mature flavors. “Great finesse here, rich depths & integration still vital.  All flavouring from red fruit to green olives. The nose shows hints of green tea. Firm, sweet raisins & spice.” Decanter, one of only two 5-Star 40 Year Old.  Silver Medal  - “Dark orange amber with a golden edge. Medium weight and voluptuous to roll around in the mouth. Excellent acidity. Figs, marzipan and walnuts with just a hint of heat on the very long finish. Otherwise, really tasty and sumptuous Tawny. 93 pointsRoy Hersh, Fortheloveofport



Wineworth ranks #1  with about 45% of all USA Colheita Imports from Portugal

Porto Kopke 2004 Colheita -  Already well-developed caramel and fig flavors emerge from the deep color of this youthful tawny that has a long smokey finish accented by cherries.

 Porto Kopke 2003 Colheita -  The rich caramel nose balanced by bright berry accents anticipates the well-developed tawny flavors expected in much older Colheitas!!  The palate wraps around figs, walnuts and maple syrup flavors. Deep tawny color, balanced acidity, sweet but not sugary, this will become one of your favorite tawnies. A great value to have so much going on so young. ~

 • Porto Kopke 2002 Colheita –   “Scents of ripe apricot, chestnut, toffee and mahogany that emerge as a powerful youngster. The palate delivers sweet figs, citrus peel and maple bar flavors. Smooth textured, balanced, and sweet by nature, it’s supported with zippy acidity and a medium-long finish. Young and vibrant.” ~ 87 points, Roy Hersh,  ForTheLoveOfPort

Porto Kopke 2001 Colheita  – Rusty ruby in color with a tawny edge.  The nose offers raspberry, raisins, toffee, cherry cough drop and mocha aromas. Medium weight, warming and dry on the palate, this one grew on me by day four when it had mellowed a bit. Laser like acidity keeps it in check, with flavors of strawberry, citrus, a back drop of pecan and some mild-mannered mouth coating tannins. The finish is long but shows a bit of the warming spirit.” ~ 88 points ~ Roy Hersh, ForTheLoveOfPort

Porto Kopke 2000 Colheita – Showing the voluptuous personality of the 5-Star 2000 harvest, this vibrant tawny has youthful berry flavors on top of nutty, caramel evolution of the tawny style. The tangy finish has a hint of ruby grapefruit.Rich and texturally pleasing.”  Roy Hersh, Fortheloveofport

Porto Kopke 1999 ColheitaWOW!  The exceptional development of this young tawny shows in the deep color, aromas of vanilla and lavender, and silky-smooth flavors of ripe fig flesh and butterscotch with just a pleasing touch of bitters to balance the lasting finish.

Porto Kopke 1998 Colheita – Garnet color, with a bright nose of pomegranate, strawberries and cherries. Cherry-vanilla flovor that lingers in the finish.

Porto Kopke 1997 Colheita – Cherry color with a suede, rose-caramel nose. A tantalizing combination of youthful fruit flavors — sweet, ripe plum and a hint of marshmallow finishing with caramel undertones.

Porto Kopke 1995 Colheita Developing over a decade and a-half, this seductive, cask-aged tawny is exceptionally smooth with deep flavors of dried fruits, fig preserves, sweet grapefruit, cashew and hazelnut.

Porto Kopke 1994 Colheita5-Star Year with caramel, nuts, cinnamon and nutmeg flavors combine with rich Arabian coffee finishing with dried cherries and walnut skins. SOLD OUT

Porto Kopke 1991 ColheitaAromatically it exhibits fine depth, but the palate is where it stands out. Elegant and light in the mouth, a warming sensation but not excessively so, and a caramelized nuttiness like a candied praline which provided a complex aftertaste.” ~ 92+ points ~ Roy Hersh, FortheLoveofPort

Porto Kopke 1990 Colheita – Imperial topaz glints of fire orange on amber are followed by a tangerine nose that previews the flavor of the same succulent fruit compounded with maraschino cherries, leading to a lingering finish of citrus-honey and dried figs.

Porto Kopke 1989 Colheita – This medium-amber color tawny has a nose of ripe cherries followed by delicious flavors of candied cherries and dried apricots leading to a long fireweed honey finish.

Porto Kopke 1988 Colheita – This appealing tawny delivers a rich mouthful of deep caramel backed flavors of ripe cherries, hazelnut, sweet fruit tea and orange zest that leads to an enduring and memorable finish.

Porto Kopke 1987 Colheita – Aromatic nose of toasted cashews and caramel carries through in the vivid flavors of highly developed flamed sugar and toffee which lingers in the long, elegant finish. SOLD OUT

Porto Kopke 1986 Colheita – A fragrant bouquet of almond biscotti is followed by rich flavors of dried fruit, orange zest, and butterscotch. The long nutty caramel aftertaste is distinct and memorable.

Porto Kopke 1985 Colheita – Sold out years ago, we found a small cask in Kopke’s cellars that made just 50 cases of the five-star 1985 in a recent bottling.  Imperial Topaz color with glints of fiery orange. The nose of vanilla and toasted almonds leads to buttery rich caramel flavors with hints of dried strawberries, finishing with soft Columbian coffee and pink grapefruit zest.

Porto Kopke 1984 Colheita – Almost sold out, the 1984 shows how exceptional tawnies can be produced in rare years for port. Like all of the eighty decade tawnies it features orange overtones to the nutty caramel flavors with a long, lingering finish.

Porto Kopke 1983 Colheita – A cult year for vintage port connoisseurs, the ‘83 colheita has a rich orange-caramel aroma with pronounced flavors of butterscotch, dried figs, Seville oranges and hazelnuts, leaving a long, elegant finish.

Porto Kopke 1982 Colheita - 12/500s in Special Edition Bottle Virginia bottle shown left - Imperial topaz glints of fire orange on amber are followed by a spicy floral nose with flavors of citrus and macaroons and a lingering finish of dried figs and orange peel.

Porto Kopke 1981 Colheita – Dark coral tawny color, spicy carnation nose with flavors of violets, old roses, citrus and macaroons with a lingering finish of dried lavender and clean linen. “Bottled in 2010. Medium orange with amber center and a golden meniscus. Fragrant dried figs, raisins and cocoa powder provide a dark desiccated aroma that was more profound a few days in. Initially medium-bodied this eventually emerged as full-bodied, dense, ultra smooth and unctuous with a gentle hint of spirit which fully integrated within two to three days. For its tender age, this Colheita delivers the goods. Lots of citrus on the palate tending towards mandarin orange, enhanced by brown sugar and a chocolate-coffee aftertaste. Kopke’s 1981 continued to improve with air time and was a very different wine three days open; delivering a rich and silky texture, delineated secondary character and excellent length. For those looking to celebrate 30th birthdays or anniversaries in 2011, this should be a serious consideration. Given the difficulty of finding almost any outstanding wine from 1981 today, I’d highly recommend this Colheita for upcoming celebrations.” ~ 92 points ~ 11/22/10 – Roy Hersh, FortheLoveofPort

Porto Kopke 1980 Colheita – An almond nose leads to hazelnut flavors with an undertone of anise and orange zest. Long toast and cashew finish lingers hauntingly. Gold Medal Concourse Mondial, Bruxeles. 90 Points Roy Hersh, Portlover.com

Porto Kopke 1979 Colheita - This memorable tawny shows a very well developed color of medium dark amber with a touch of olive at the edge. It has distinct aromas of light maple, vanilla bean and pistachio with everlasting flavors of fennel and pecan in the long, long finish.

Porto Kopke 1978 Colheita - Expansive aromatics of coffee and toffee are followed by a voluptuous body of medium sweet dried fruit, balanced by citrus which give the long, tangy finish. Great replacement for the famous sold-out 77!

Porto Kopke 1976 ColheitaThink of chewing nutty, butterscotch cookies dipped into orange marmalade, but with aromatics that satiate your senses along with Kopke’s nutty/caramel finish.

Porto Kopke 1975 Colheita – A superb vintage year that developed well for both Vintage and Colheita ports. Macaroon, almond and cherry highlights along a deep, smooth caramel backbone deliver a long, creamy, toasty finish.

Porto Kopke 1974 Colheita – Kopke’s deep caramel signature, honey and almond flavors with a hint of smoke leading to a memorable finish.

Porto Kopke 1968 Colheita - The mocha-grenadine nose leads to satiny flavors of caramel, white raisins and light citrus with a lingering finish that confirms the opening mocha-grenadine aromas.

Porto Kopke 1967 Colheita – Rich caramel aromatics lead into a wonderful blend of dried fig, apricot and citrus flavors enriched by cashews and almonds, ending in a memorable finish. Gold Medal, International W & S Competition


Porto Kopke 1966 ColheitaFrom the outstanding 5-Star 1966 vintage port declaration that often surpasses the renowned 1963 in whose shadow it was born. Richly integrated flavors of burnt sugar, hazelnuts and orange zest followed by a lingering caramel finish. “This was a very fresh bottling from 2007. Dark maple in color with fragrant whiffs of honey, caramel, a gentle spirit note and hazelnut which was gorgeous. Medium-bodied, soft and sumptuous with a silky elegance that I love in top Colheitas with age. Bright acidity provides the requisite balance, showing an off-dry style which works well with the long and unrelenting finish.”   94 points Roy Hersh, ForTheLOveOfPort

Porto Kopke 1965 Colheita – Aromatics of marzipan, honey and roasted nuts with a smooth soft finish that glides down your palate. Perfect balance of acidity.

Porto Kopke 1964 Colheita“A fine Colheita that has the stuffing and the requisite structure indeed. Framed by light viscosity and soft but crisp acidity, this Kopke delivers concentrated sweet and tangy flavors of apricot preserves, white sultanas, toasted almond, brown sugar and grapefruit pith. The bittersweet nature of this Port provides the palate with complexity and refinement, texturally soft and a Colheita with great finesse. It finishes long and with more nuttiness than fruit on the aftertaste. I have experienced very few Ports of any kind from this rare vintage.” 91 points Roy Hersh, ForTheLOveOfPort Elegantly developed layers of dried fruits and nuts with a caramel “topping”. Last tasted in June of 2013 – the layers hit your palate like a lingering and powerful kaleidoscope of flavors. Outstanding! Best of the anniversary ports for 2014 at a vertical tasting with Houston, Texas, leading wine educator and buyer for 200 stores. One of seven Great Gold medals awarded for 4700 competing wines Berliner Wine Trophy 2014.

Porto Kopke 1963 Colheita – Very limited! “The aroma is reminiscent of a Madeira with dried apricot, walnuts and mahogany. Medium-full bodied with richness and hints of mild spirit along with nutty pecan and marmalade flavors; quite concentrated and smooth in the mouth, showing a charismatic finish.” 91 points ~ Roy Hersh, ForTheLOveOfPort

Porto Kopke 1961 Colheita“Bottled in 2010. Light orange amber with ruby glints at the core. Intriguing aromas of mace, hazelnut and peach preserves provide pleasure in nosing this Port. A heavy weight although soft, elegant and voluptuously smooth; the mid-palate is filled with dried dates, maple and spicy tropical fruit flavors. The 1961 Kopke is a fine alternative to the ultra expensive Clarets from the 1961 vintage that still exist. This is a much safer bet for those celebrating ’61.” ~ 90 points ~ Roy Hersh, ForTheLOveOfPort

Porto Kopke 1960 Colheita - Like spreading your palate with fine Marmalade — Seville oranges soaked in honey. “Rich, wonderful rancio flavor, sweet but not cloying, full bodied, nut and dried peel. Great flavor.”  90 pts, Portlover.com – Roy Hersh

Porto Kopke 1958 Colheita – A seductive pecan color with a bing cherry nose that draws you into the decadent dried fruit flavors with an enduring finish of bright lemon zest, cashews and licorice.

Porto Kopke 1957 Colheita – Recent bottlings have the deep color, aromatics & vivacity of the legendary 1900. An exceptionally well-balanced tawny.  Great Gold Medal, II Concurso Internacional da Cidade do Porto. 96 Pts -Roy Hersh, For the Love of Port

Porto Kopke 1955 Colheita – In 2010 Wineworth found a small quantity of this very rare 5-Star port year that shows all the decadent qualities of 55 years of cask ageing – layers of tawny flavors of dried figs, hazelnuts and caramel lead to the memorable finish. Candied pralines, citrus and toffee flavors prevail. A hedonistic and beautifully crafted Colheita, stuffed with acidity and an excellent mouthfeel. The aftertaste is lingering and intricate. This might just rival some of the greatest Kopke’s ever produced.” 95 points ~ Roy Hersh, For the Love of Port

Porto Kopke 1953 Colheita -Attractive amber color. Dense, fragrant nose, dominated by dried fruit aromas, spicy notes and a sweet touch of caramel. Complex with wonderful structure, it’s intense and extremely elegant. Unctuous, very soft, with an endless and unique finish. Despite the age, the freshness remains. Extraordinary marriage with a refreshing tangerine parfait.

 Porto Kopke 1952 Colheita – We discovered this elegant colheita for celebrating 50 years in 2002 and it has made a fantastic and enduring hit ever since among restaurants and retailers. Great Gold Medal, III Concurso Internacional da Cidade do Porto

Porto Kopke 1951 ColheitaBottled in 2010. Ice tea color with a broad golden band. Intense and complex nose which continued to develop for several days, along with a panoply of aromas including anise, almonds, Cointreau, maple and apricot; a bit Madeira like in its ethereal nature. This fleshed out on the palate to become a sublime Colheita and one of Kopke’s finest. A refined Port, viscous, delicious, with extraordinary balance due to its zippy acidity. It possesses layer upon layer of liquefied Fig Newton, date and cashew flavors with a never ending marmalade-infused butterscotch aftertaste. Of all the recently bottled Kopke Colheitas evaluated, with 2011 in mind, this was my favorite. This is going to provide those turning 60 next year, with a great birth year wine from an otherwise unknown Port year.” ~ 95 points ~  Roy Hersh, ForTheLOveOfPort

Porto Kopke 1950 Colheita“Mouth filling and plentiful, this wine has wonderful flavors of marzipan and roasted chestnuts. Kopke’s Colheitas are all about smooth texture and incredible length on the finish and in this way, the 1950 delivered the goods”  – Roy Hersh, For the Love of Port.

Porto Kopke 1947 Colheita – One of the best forties’ vintages for colheitas next to the legendary 1945. Deep color, rich with bright fruit and nutty flavors, fat and luscious.

Porto Kopke 1944 Colheita – Bright amber with brown-tawny halo. Elegant nose of dried fruits, integrated with wood notes. Light, fragrant with superb volume and structure. Surprising great freshness for its age, layered with a variety of flavors and a delicate, persistent finish.

Porto Kopke 1941 ColheitaBottled in 2010. This was just my 4th Colheita from the year in which Pearl Harbor took place. Gorgeous nectarine note followed by whiffs of toffee, honey, nuts and lime. Very light and silky mouthfeel and flavors of golden raisins, citrus fruit and just a slight hint of nuttiness.  A gentle giant of a Colheita and for those born 70 years ago (next year), I can’t think of a better Port to provide fireworks with which to celebrate..” ~ 94 points – Roy Hersh, ForTheLOveOfPort

 Porto Kopke 1940 ColheitaAn outstanding example of how well Colheitas can age, and more importantly…the care that Kopke puts into these wines. The only thing light about this 1940 was its light amber tinge. Complex and powerful, with brown sugar, toasty sweet hazelnuts and a slight Sherry like note — a superlative lingering finish.” 94 pts. Roy Hersh, Wine Lovers’ Page.com

Porto Kopke 1938 Colheita“Caramel in color with a yellowish-green rim, this is what great Colheitas are all about. Dark brown sugar, marmalade and a swirling Sherry essence that I often note in Kopke Colheitas, kept my nose in the glass. A rich and voluptuous mouthfeel. This Kopke is in possession of an exquisite, seamlessly seductive, if not decadent finish.” 96 pts. Wine Lovers Page.com. Still vibrant with decadent aromatics, deep olive-tawny color, and caramel offset by orange zest and hazelnut flavors. Great Gold Medal, III Concurso Internacional da Cidade do Porto

Porto Kopke 1937 Colheita - Seductively aromatic port — filling the room with its vibrant aroma immediately on opening. An exceptionally rich Colheita with lingering hazelnut and smoky caramel flavors.


VINTAGE PORTS - Kopke’s unique quality derives from very low yield Touriga Nacional grapes of over 100-yr-old vines and 50% of other varietals averaging 80 years.

No wonder that these vintage ports rank among the top releases, since grapes are harvested from very old vines of up to 100-plus years, yielding small amounts of very intense fruit from Kopke’s famous Font Santa vineyard at Quinta São Luiz with its many gold-medal winning vintages. Quinta manager and viticulturist José Manuel Manso is shown with one of the ancient Touriga Nacional vines.Quinta manager and viticulturist José Manuel Manso

Porto Kopke 1985 Vintage Port“Well-focused cherry, nutmeg and exotic spice aromas and flavors carry through to the long, finely balanced finish, offering the right hint of toast and spirits. A wine with elegance and grip that should age nicely through at least 2015.90 pts.” The Wine Spectator, Gold Medal, Wine Masters Challenge, Lisbon. 3-Stars Decanter 2005

Porto Kopke 1987 Quinta São Luiz Vintage Port – Brilliant maroon color with a leathery nose and finish. Flavors of kiwis, cranberries and sweet cherry-plums. Aging well with good structure and balance — soft tannins. Gold Medal, III Concurso Internacional da Cidade do Porto.

Porto Kopke 1991 Vintage Port Only a few cases of 750ml left of this exceptional vintage. Nearly two decades of ageing has reached that harmonious balance of fruit, acidity and soft tannins. Gold Medal International Wine & Spirits Competition.

 Porto Kopke 1994 Vintage Port  - We are down to the last cases of 375ml of this 5-Star vintage. The half bottle format provides the subtle nuances that one could expect from a few more years of 750ml ageing!

Porto Kopke 1996 Quinta São Luiz Vintage Port - “A very grapey young port with lots of jam and chocolate character. . .big, soft tannins and a fruity finish.” 89 pts. James Suckling, The Wine Spectator. From the famous Quinta São Luiz that won gold medals in 1985, ’91 & ’94, a delicious full-bodied port with deep color, flavor of ripe black cherries and plums with a hint of chocolate. Tinta Barroca and Touriga Nacional grapes.

Porto Kopke 1997 Vintage Port - “Shows good concentration with crushed berry and cherry aromas. Full bodied and medium sweet with chewy tannins and a long, fruity finish.” 89 pts. James Suckling, The Wine Spectator. A great representation of the fabulous 1997 vintage! Deep purple color, distinct black cherry nose, flavor and aftertaste. Concentrated, rich fruit in a full-bodied port with just the right balance of sweetness and tannins.

Porto Kopke 2000 Vintage - The Kopke 2000’s depth and complexity assures a long future in a port that will continue to round out over the next 10-15 years. Dense ripe fruit and spices with dark plum and black cherry. “A dark, ruby/purple color is followed by an evolved bouquet of chocolate, earth and black fruits. The wine possesses medium body, lovely sweetness, some tannin, and a mid-weight style. Anticipated maturity 2005-2016.” 89 points The Wine Advocate, Parker “Inky purplish-black and fully opaque color. Concentrated plums, ripe cherry berry and sweet prunes on the nose. Medium-bodied with honest flavors of plum and well endowed, dense, extremely sweet blackberry fruit. Built for mid-term aging with gentle tannins that show up on the slightly raisiny finish that is long and lip smacking. A stylish, crowd pleasing Kopke.” 90-92 points Roy Hersh, For the Love of Port.com

Porto Kopke 2003 Vintage Port – Massive black fruit and chewy tannins that will develop into an outstanding example of this vintage after some aging. “Big, grapey and chewy, with a medium body and firm tannins. Medium finish. Lightly sweet….” 88 Points by James Suckling, The Wine Spectator “Dark ruby with a purple edge and a bouquet of violets, crushed flower petals and spice. The palate offers thick juicy boysenberry and plum with a spicy undercurrent of cinnamon and some spirituous character that shows up right before the tannins sneak up on the sweet finish. 2,050 cases produced.” 91 Points – Roy Hersh, For the Love of Port.com

Porto Kopke 2004 Quinta São Luiz Vintage Port – Kopke leads the way in the new focus on a more accessible “SENSATIONAL” style port that can be enjoyed relatively young while still showing big, robust fruit flavors. For the chocolate lover, the intense, spicy blackberry nose and flavor of the Kopke 2004 is like feasting on warm, molten chocolate filled cake with a heavenly fruit sauce. The burst of fruit in the mouth-filling palate carries through soft tannins balanced by good structure to a lingering dark berry finish. “Scents of rose petals, spice and anise make for a sumptuous bouquet. A softer, richer style possessing medium body and smooth texture. For such a youthful wine, it’s hard to believe this was just bottled. Sweet, berry and licorice flavors that are full throttle with excellent balance and a very enjoyable finishwith virtually no sign of tannins. Drink tomorrow or in 15 years; an impressive effort by Kopke.” 91-93 Points – Roy Hersh, For the Love of Port

Porto Kopke 2005 Vintage Port – “A truly harmonious VP and the best young Kopke VP I’ve ever tasted.,” Roy Hersh. “Dark opaque purple consisting of 50% Touriga Nacional and 50% old vine field blends (average of 40 years) from the Douro Superior. Fine acidity, very long finish, good balance with rounded tannins that arrive in time for the aftertaste.” Drink 2008-30 93-95 Points – Roy Hersh, For the Love of Port

Porto Kopke 2007 Vintage Port 89-92pts The Wine Spectator – Kopke’s unique quality derives from Touriga Nacional grapes of over 100-yr-old vines and 50% of other varietals averaging 80 years. Only the first and oldest port house gives you a vintage port from 100+ year old vines of Touriga Nacional in its famous Font Santana Vineyard of Quinta S. Luiz.. Pure plum on the nose, with orange peel and dried flowers. Full-bodied, medium sweet and very chunky and rich, with firm tannins and lots of fruit. Just coming together now, but there’s all the components for an outstanding Vintage Port.” —James Suckling.

Porto Kopke 2011 Vintage Port –  Produced from very old vines of up to more than 110 years or more that give maximum quality for low yield. James Suckling was recently in Porto, where he tasted approximately 50 different 2011 Vintages, and Kopke achieved an excellent score with high review.  “Very floral and fruity with raspberries and blueberries on the nose. Full body, medium sweet with firm and chewy tannins. Lovely texture to this. Goes on for minutes. Very well-made for here.” – 92 Points jamessuckling.com

“The 2011 Kopke has a bashful bouquet compared to its peers, demanding coaxing from the glass and reluctantly revealing pinched scents of damson, boysenberry jam and a soupcon of crème de cassis. The palate is certainly plush and sensual with lush blueberry and bilberry notes. This constitutes a more approachable vintage Port 2011 with a sweet, fleshy, corpulent finish. Fine. Tasted May 2013.” eRobertParker by Neil Martin: 90 Points