Tasting Notes

Lively amber colour. Aroma of great impact, with dried fruits and liqueur. Wonderful balance, good structure and softness. The freshness seduces and involves the senses. Elegant and endless finish.

"The 1965 Colheita Tawny Port "Special Edition" is an old vines field blend coming in just under 125 grams per liter of residual sugar. It was bottled in November, 2015. This is a "special edition" Tawny, the winery says, because just two casks were selected for the blend. It is also, of course, a 50th year bottling. Shockingly fresh for its age, this graceful old Tawny has an unctuous texture. Sweet and lively, the acidity delivers all of its interesting flavors to the palate. Eventually laced with classic notes of molasses, caramel and just a bit of Brandy, it is completely delicious. It also, I might add, sheds some early aggression in favor of a more harmonious demeanor over several days. It was hard to choose between this and the 1966 Kopke Colheita (also reviewed). This seemed a bit brighter and crisper, a bit fresher. The 1966 held better over a week, threw off a medley of more complex and concentrated flavors, and showed better mid-palate depth. Very differently styled--a good example of how different vintages can be with Colheitas--they both have their merits. You can't go wrong with either. This is a wonderful array of Colheitas, plus one NV Very Old Tawny and the white equivalents of Colheitas, from Sogevinus' properties. They all come with bar top corks. As always, barring cork failures, these should generally last indefinitely. The end-date drinking window is just a placeholder. Of course, no one expects them to be held. Tawnies (and their white equivalents) are certainly ready to drink on release. My most important tip: don't drink any Tawny too warm! Around 58-62 degrees Fahrenheit tends to work better than room temperature. I pull them out of the fridge very cold and let them sit in the glass to warm up for 30-40 minutes. For my taste, Kopke is the best of the Sogevinus properties for Colheitas, but the styles are very different and everything performs here exceptionally well. Some of these have been seen before, but not in the USA. These are also, generally, new, November, 2015 bottlings. Like many Tawnies, these are often bottled on demand and have different release dates until they are gone." Mark Squires, eRobertParker.com, March 2016 - 95 Points

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